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Motto: “Designed for Comfort.”

“Smart people always choose comfort over luxury.”


Our vision is to ease the lives of our customers with our affordable, comfortable, and quality products and quick support services.


Our mission is to translate our vision into reality.

We want to become leaders in the categories we offer our customers, and that would only be possible by delivering quality products and a quick customer support system.


We believe in a collective goal, which can be achieved by a full cycle between customers, distributors, and us. We recognize and reward high-performance units. The customer is the focus of everything we do.

Message from MD:

We are a team of highly qualified professionals with decade-long experiences in business and the industrial sector. We focus on comfort without sacrificing trending style or innovation. We constantly strive to delight our customers. We are always flexible, responsible, and adaptive to changing market dynamics. With all of our products, we want to provide best-in-class customer service. Let’s join me on a journey to make “Francoware” and our cutthroat products a unique brand to live for.